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De Jesus & Casiano Law Firm was created to help the community understand their rights before making a decision. Laws frequently change and we strive to learn them in benefit of the wellbeing and positive outcomes towards our client’s cases.

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Our attorneys at De Jesus & Casiano are honest, experienced and dedicated to understanding what is new with the law and what is best for you. De Jesus & Casiano will work your case while understanding the difficult time you are going through. With compassion and dedication, our attorneys will hear you and represent you in matters that are complex and stressful such as: Immigration, Family Law, Divorce, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Seals and Expungements, and others. Our attorneys want what is best for you, they want you to feel safe and calm, and they want to be the strength in your hard time. De Jesus & Casiano will help ease your worries.


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De Jesus & Casiano is a Law Firm dedicated to understanding the community and it’s needs. The firm practices services such as Immigration Law, Family Law, Divorce (Marital Law), Bankruptcy, and Personal Injury. We know legal processes and litigations can be complicated, difficult and hard. We know thatImmigration laws change daily, divorces can be disheartening, and accidents can occur when and where you least expect it. The attorneys at De Jesus & Casiano will help you know your rights and in a compassionate and peaceful manner they will guide you through the process to help relieve you from the painful and distraught experience. At De Jesus & Casiano we promote a cordial and friendly environment when negotiating our cases to settle, but when needed the attorneys will defend your case and fight for your rights. The Lawyers of De Jesus & Casiano are dedicated to assisting you in gaining control of your situation and reaching the best outcome available for you.




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Well as far as I am concerned in immigration cases Mr. Jose De Jesus and Mrs. Gisella Busco Schillig, are the best attorneys I have ever seen in my life, because they have gotten me out of serious trouble with USCIS.Gov, since it was a big mistake or omission that I made at some point, They believed in my words that I had not done it on purpose. And they stood firm and took my case after two years, which I thought was all lost, but thank God I gave what I expected.
And of course I recommend them because they are excellent at fighting any case in the USCIS courts, and once again I give them a million thanks for saving me in my immigration process.
Without further comment I return and greet my favorite attorneys.
Oh I forgot if it is for the money they have form of payment you should not refund the money immediately, they give you deadlines to pay the fee.

Jorge Alberto Mussuto

Good afternoon, the best lawyers were my lawyers in Puerto Rico and there is no doubt that they have the talent and ability to help you. Give yourself the opportunity to meet them. Their services are highly recommended.

Angel A. Cardona

Lic. Dimary Casiano, service of excellence and very professional, I recommend it.

Nel Santana

The Three Executive Orders of President Biden

President Biden has scheduled the signing of several executive actions to begin reuniting migrant children separated from their parents at the border of the United States. This consists of reevaluating the measures implemented by the previous administration in the...

Immigration assistance during Covid 19

Immigration assistance during Covid 19Coronavirus: USCIS publishes instruction on citations for people with symptoms. In an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the national immigration and naturalization service has published an instruction to reschedule...

Do You Need To Notarize A Puerto Rican Document?

- Notaries in Puerto Rico and in Florida are different.In Florida, a Notary can be any person who is 18 years old and resides in Florida. On the other hand, in Puerto Rico to be a Notary you must first be a licensed attorney.   Many Puerto Ricans have to notarize...

Bankruptcy Can Be Scary, but Can It Help You?

- Do you feel like you are drowning in debt?Collection claims and bills keep coming. Your phone keeps ringing by collectors trying to get paid. You thought about bankruptcy but you don’t understand how it works. We at the Jesus & Casiano Law Firm are prepared to...

The Steps You Need to Take for a Smooth Divorce

- Getting a divorce might seem easy but in reality,    it is not.Divorces are hard and emotions run high, but you have rights. We know it is a difficult process and we understand you are stressed and emotional. At De Jesus and Casiano, our attorneys are prepared to...

Immigration, How Often It Changes?

- Immigration regulations change by the day.What today is a possibility in your immigration case, tomorrow might not be and vice versa. The executive branch has the power to change regulations via its administrative agencies based on the power the United States...

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