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Notary and Translations

If you need a document to be reviewed before notarizing or if you need a translation from Spanish to English you can contact us.

Notary Public

In the United States a notary can be anyone, but in other countries a notary is a professional at law, in other words an attorney. The reason for this is to guarantee that the document created complies with the laws of the place.  

The service we offer is redaction of necessary legal documents that comply with Florida laws. In case the document is needed for other purposes in another country, such as Argentina or Puerto Rico. It is important that the use of the document is specified to our employees. Some countries require that a document not only complies with the laws of the place it was created but also with the laws of the place that it will be used. For example, Puerto Rico accepts legal documents, (such as a Power of Attorney), from other places but it has some minimum requirements in the writing of the document.   

As attorneys from Puerto Rico we can understand the conflict that this can create, we want to stop you from spending unnecessary money on a document that will not be valid in the end. Notaries in Florida can certify the person who is signing but they cannot create a legal document that can comply with both Florida and the other countries laws. We as attorneys will help you.

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If you need a translation of a legal document from Spanish to English or English to Spanish this is the place to come. We translate documents for Immigration purposes and also legal papers that need to be sent out of the country. Contact us, we can also help you create the legal document.

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