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Dimary Casiano Cotty, Esq.

Attorney Dimary Casiano Cotty is one of the founders of De Jesus & Casiano Law Firm. She is fluent in Spanish. Dimary graduated as the most outstanding student of the Bachelor of Art degree in Pre Law Studies from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.  From a young age she felt the need to help the community. She joined AmeriCorps VISTA as a volunteer and for 3 years she had the opportunity to participate in several different outreach projects to better the living conditions in the surrounding cities.

While working as a volunteer she decided turning to law would allow her to continue her dedication to helping others and having a deeper hand in improving the communities. She attended Law School at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico where she had the opportunity to participate in the Ibero-American Institute of the Hague Competition, assisted in a Pro-Bono Clinic as a student-attorney and graduated Magna Cum Laude while being in the Deans Honor List during all her years of studies.

After her studies, Dimary, acquired her State and Federal Puerto Rican license and worked as a respectful attorney. Upon deciding to move, she worked in a local Tampa criminal law firm as a paralegal which allowed her to gain strong experience and the drive to recertify in Florida. Her licensing now allows her to continue to aid those needing assistance in their affairs here in the State of Florida and in Puerto Rico in both State and Federal Courts.

Dimary strives to assist people in knowing what tools are available to them and how to effectively utilize their knowledge in hopes that they are able to obtain their goals. She feels blessed in being able to assist others in improving their lives and in gaining control over the areas they feel hardship. She is dedicated and envisions to continue improving herself in order to fight for your rights.

Jose De Jesus Aguilera, Esq.

Partner Jose De Jesus Aguilera was born In Puerto Rico and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He continued his education in the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree and graduated magna cum laude. During his Juris Doctorate, he also participated in the Ibero-American Institute of the Hague’s International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition. During his education, he also did pro bono work and participated in the university’s legal aid clinic assisting low-income clients in their cases. In August of 2015, Mr. De Jesus obtained his bar license for the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and had a general practice from 2015 to 2017. During the 2015 to 2017 period, he collaborated with colleagues in a variety of cases.

After moving to Tampa in 2017, Mr. De Jesus started practicing Immigration and Nationality Law after noticing the alarming trend of members of the Hispanic community being wrongly advised in their immigration matters by unlawful practitioners of law also known as notarios. After meeting various individuals whose cases were denied because of negligent notarios Mr. De Jesus committed to provide services with the goal of communicating and addressing the concerns of clients effectively within such a complex area of the law.

Being admitted to practice in Florida, Mr. De Jesus strives to assist people from all walks of life that have to traverse the complexities of the law.

Our Services


If you are trying to live permanently in a foreign country there are various options. Call us, the faster you understand your options the more probabilities you may have.



When you cannot repay your debts, and you are a person or a business you might need to start the process of bankruptcy. Let us evaluate your case, you might be able to negotiate with your creditors.



This is the legal dissolution of a marriage. The process can be simplified or regular (contested or uncontested). We should strive for an amicable divorce.

Family Law

Adoption, Protective Order, Child Custody, Child Support, Pre Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements, Name Change, Visitation Rights, Guardianship.

Personal Injury

It is an accident in which you have a significant or permanent loss of an important bodily function. It may involve an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

Seals or Expungements

A process to seal or expunge a criminal history record. There are different types such as Administrative, Juvenile or Court Ordered. We can verify if you qualify. 

Puerto Rican Law

We have trained attorneys in the office who can help you with any questions you may have in regards to legal documents that need to be sent to Puerto Rico.

Notary /Translations

If you need a document to be reviewed before notarizing or if you need a translation from Spanish to English you can contact us.

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We are honest

Our motivation to do our best is guided by our honesty. We will be honest from the beginning until the end of the proceeding.

We strive for excellence

We will be direct and aggressive but always looking for an excellent and convenient result for you.

We are dedicated

To be an honest and excellent we must dedicate our time to review the latest laws and how they may apply to your case.

Our Philosophy



Laws were created to solve the day to day situations, that is why we believe in using reason when studying and applying the law to your case. We strive to protect the community for which the law was created.



We look for justice with an understanding of what is wrong and right according to the law. We respect not only you but also every person involved.



We are compassionate towards your situation and sensitive when dealing with others. We strive to facilitate discussion and achieve peaceful resolutions but when needed we are aggressive in supporting the law that will lead to a finality in your situation.

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Dimary Casiano Cotty

Dimary Casiano Cotty


José De Jesús Aguilera

José De Jesús Aguilera


Gisela Busco-Schillig

Gisela Busco-Schillig


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Layza Rivera

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