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Personal Injury

It is an accident in which you have a significant or permanent loss of an important bodily function. It may involve an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen. When they do you should consult an experienced attorney. After obtaining medical attention and hiring an attorney the process generally goes something like this.  

  1. The attorney will investigate the claim, generally, this includes a thorough interview asking all the specifics of the case including, but not limited to questions about the accident, medical bills and records, and the medical history of the injured. 
  2. Most of these cases never get to a trial and are generally settled out of court. As such the attorney may present a claim with the insurance company or try to settle the case with the responsible party or parties.   
  3. If the acquisition of a settlement bears no result, the case can then be brought to suit. Once the suit is filed the discovery process can start. At this stage, it’s important to acquire and exchange evidence with the other side. 
  4. When discovery is completed and both sides have a clearer view of the case, another opportunity to resolve the dispute can occur by means of arbitration or mediation. 

If the parties cannot reach an agreement then the claims will proceed to trial. The burden of proof on these trials lies on the Plaintiff, as such collaboration is extremely important between the attorney and client.

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